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? about PS SSNL
  Wicked Yakker, Mar 19 2008

I know this is a really played out question, but I'll ask anyways. For 100nl on PS, is a win rate of 5PTBB/100 only for the best players on that limit? Or can a good winning player achieve this rather easily? This is what my goal is and I want to know if it's reasonable.

The Rockets' loss last night sucked. They play New Orleans tonight though and we've owned them the last 2 times. The West sucks because if the Rockets lose 3 in a row they go from like #1 to #6. At least the 1st round will be awesome no matter what the matchups are.

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  Wicked Yakker, Mar 18 2008

What's up everyone. My name is Barry and I play 100nl on PS, might have to move down to 50nl if things don't go
well. I haven't played poker seriously in several months just out of sheer laziness. Well this weekend I got drunk
and blew half my roll. Fuck, I'm still pissed. I had $8k and now only $4k is left. Getting wasted and playing 2knl
is absolutely retarded. I have never done something like this before and I'm not going to have another drink until
my roll is >$8k (except for this cruise I'm going on in early April ).

Anyways, I've played a couple sessions so far 4 tabling and it doesn't seem that tough. Obviously I am still down
like 2-3BI because of tilt. I've just been playing a solid 21/17/3 "standard TAG" game and I think it's a winning
strategy. I just have to remember that none of these guys are playing back at me anywhere near as much as I think.
Fold your god damn AQs when that nitTAG 3bets OOB even though you've been stealing like mad and raised on the BTN
this time. The guy is just not doing it light, he's probably playing too many tables and doesn't care how much you
steal his blinds. He has JJ+/AK every time and is a fucking robot.

I think only one guy so far has really given me fits by abusing direct position on me. Most of these guys just 3bet
with the goods for the most part. And the guys that do 3bet light do it in really transparent spots, ie when I raise
from CO and they 3bet on BTN. I've been trying to smash these guys with 4bets in this position. If anyone wants to
discuss 4bet sizing I'm all ears. I've been making it $31 ($13 3bet) or $32 ($14 3bet) and folding to shoves with my
shit hands. I don't know if folding is bad but I dont think many if any regs at 100nl will 5bet bluff. Maybe I'm
wrong though. I'm going to do some math on this tonight while watching the Rockets win #23.


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Comments (4)

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